Clementine Residance

19 modern garzonlakás befektetőknek!

Clementine Residance

Completely renovated apartment building with 19 studio apartments for sale in Százhalombatta, near Érd and Budapest


Clementine Residance investment property, condominium-type property for sale with 19 studio apartments, for investors, in Százhalombatta, near Érd and Budapest

As the owner of property Clementine Residance, you will own a crisis-proof and high-return investment. As a company manager, you can provide quality housing for up to 38 employees in these 19 all-comfort mini studios in Százhalombatta.

This newly designed and completely renovated apartment building can generate plenty of income immediately. Moreover, this investment property can increase its value over the years. Its future owner can provide accommodation for renters and be socially sensitive while his well-being is already assured by this investment. A skillful business leader also thrives by taking care of others.

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In This Property

Clementine Residance befektetési célú, társasház jellegű ingatlan eladó 19 garzon lakással, befektetőknek, Százhalombatta városban, Érd és Budapest közelében

1. Located in an industrially developed area, in the Budapest agglomeration.

2. Modern, completely renovated residential property, with a constant and high demand from the tenant side.

3. Safe investment: achieve a high rental yield by renting out.

4. If thinking of building a property of a similar size, it could be much more expensive and only years from now due to stricter energy requirements and rising costs.

5. Thanks to the unique design of the building, the employees and tenants stay safe in case of an epidemic.

About the location

The oil refinery in SzázhalombattaThe town of Százhalombatta is a significant settlement of the South Buda micro-region. It is a modern industrial town with twenty thousand inhabitants, located about 27 km from Budapest, at the M6 highway and the main road No. 6. The M0 ring road is 12 km from the town. Main road No. 7 and the M1 / M7 highway are easily accessible. Equipped with a modern railway station. These possibilities provide fast and direct connections to Budapest.
Both foreign and domestic capital investment are significant and increasing in the region. There are about 6,000 companies in the area. A power plant and the only oil refinery in the country are located in Százhalombatta.
The town has developed infrastructure and low unemployment.

The industrial development has a significant impact on the local rental real estate market. Demand is many times higher than the supply of rental properties.

Getting around

From the property, you can reach all the important locations easily.

    Town Center: 900 m
    Railway station: 800 m
    Long-distance bus station: 800 m
    Local bus stop: 80 m
    School, kindergarten, nursery: 850 m
    Medical services: 450 m
    Restaurant: 500 m
    Shopping center: 700 m
    Document office: 1 km
    Swimming pool: 1.4 km

About the propertyLayout Clementine Residance Real Estate Property for Investors

Please click here to download the building layout in .pdf format.

    Topographical number: 1987
    Address: Vörösmarty Mihály utca 66, 2440 Százhalombatta, Hungary
    Plot size: 3300 sqm

    Gross floor area of the building: 718 sqm
    Net floor area of the building: 627 sqm
    Number of studios: 19
    Garage: 1 (15 sqm)
    Current real estate registration classification: residential building
    Owner: Fronesis Consulting and Service Limited Partnership
    Ownership ratio: 1/1
    Mortgage entries: unencumbered
    Zoning classification: Vt-2 (central mixed construction zone)

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Purchase Price

The purchase price of the property is HUF 299,000,000 (about EUR 840,000).
It includes all movables and technical equipment in the building and in the garden.


Owner: Fronesis Consulting and Service Limited Partnership

Representative: Attila Csaba Panigay,  Managing Director
Phone: +36 70 529-0000
English speaking phone: +36 20 367-4274

Headquarters: Szent János utca 26, 2100 Gödöllő, Hungary
Company registration number: 13-06-051573
Tax number: 21938797-2-13